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“How often do you laugh in your strategy meetings?”

In a HBR IdeaCast by Felix Oberholzer-Gee (link: I was delightfully surprised by him highlighting the importance of creativity & fun during a corporate #strategy process

Unfortunately, strategy is often viewed as a dead-serious, mainly analytical endeavor:
after all it deals with the future of companies, i.e. what people work for, how money is invested and how lives are shaped. BUT despite the serious impact of strategic decisions it would be wrong trying to create them in a stiff and boring way.

🤔 Why?

🤗 Because creativity, bold ideas, curiosity, willingness to experiment are key to unlocking strategic potentials and value. Creativity stands at the center of a game-changing strategy

Well, you normally don’t get inspired and inspirational by PowerPoint battles in a conference room.

So how do you infuse more creativity in your strategy process?

Personally, I find various methods helpful:
💡Various ways of Gamification
💡Visualization via Canvases

Especially #DesignThinking can provide you many different tools to step outside the standard matrix, scorecards, financial etc., as they

🔹Change the context (stories not numbers)

🔹Combine haptic experiences (e.g. building something) and cognition, increasing interaction between the left & right side of the brain

🔹Function as an “equalizer” during the discussion: role plays, Legos, glue & scissors don’t care about hierarchies

🔹 Ease the atmosphere and create space for jokes & laughter

➡️ Facilitate creativity & bold thinking to go beyond just prolonging current strategies

⚠️ Be aware, trust, appreciation and empathy must be in place if you want people to step out of the comfort into the creativity zone

👉🏼Does your management team laugh during #strategy creation?

👉🏼How do you create a creative atmosphere during strategy creation?

#transformation #creativity

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